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Cookies on bm.dk

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file of data stored on your computer, phone or tablet. Cookies are not dangerous for your computer, and they are not able to spread any viruses or other malicious software either.

The website’s use of cookies

We use strictly necessary cookies on bm.dk to make sure that you are able to navigate and access the contents of our website. The website cannot operate properly without these cookies. Additionally, we use statistical cookies in order to improve bm.dk. These cookies are used to make the website work efficiently as well as making it more user-friendly. When you visit the website, your IP address is collected, which is then immediately anonymised. We do not keep your IP address, but the collected information is shared with Siteimprove, who delivers our statistical tools.

For how long are cookies kept?

The amount of time a particular cookie is stored on your devices and browsers varies. The lifespan of a cookie is calculated based on your latest visit to the website. The cookies are automatically deleted at the end of its lifespan. By bringing up the cookie banner and pressing the button “Show details on cookies,” you can see a complete list of the cookies used on bm.dk. Click on “You can change your consent to the use of cookies here” to retrieve the banner.

You can change your consent to the use of cookies here

You are able to change or withdraw your consent at any time by pressing “change your consent to the use of cookies here” at the bottom of the website or by using the following link:

Do you have any questions?

For more information on how your personal data is protected, see our Privacy Policy by pressing the link below:

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